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Does Your Operating System Help You or Waste your time?

Posted in Uncategorized on May 30, 2014

Da Vinci had Windows

The above picture occurred to me when I thought “What if Da Vinci had a computer running on Microsoft Windows?”, we would lose a great work of art .

Personally, I suffered a lot from system running Microsoft Windows specially on losing my artwork, once upon a time my Windows computer decided to make Adobe Illustrator collapse during the process of saving a file , and to make matters worse, the file was damaged and could no longer be opened.

The above mentioned file was the result of working with another designer for more than a month and a half , and contained nearly one million elements (objects). Because of my awareness, I had another copy as a backup of the file and that saved our lives!

On the same day, I had to repeat the same modifications on the file for four times in a row because of the repeated system collapses beside problems of viruses and other famous issues on Windows, I had to finish my work on another computer.

Four modifications on the file (supposed to be done within ten minutes) needed more than four hours to solve problems of the system.
If the operating system isn’y helping me getting my work done, it is a waste of my time ! !

I moved to Apple Macintosh about three years ago, and since that I have only working time with almost no problem on my computer.
So what do you think about your operating system?

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