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PageRank, What is it, and how to use it?

Posted in Uncategorized on Sep 5, 2014


When you check some search results in Google, you will clearly see that some websites have a leading appearance in the first page of the search results, and some other websites will keep showing in late pages of the results.
So why does this happen? why some websites have to appear in the first page all the time?

The secret lays in a technique called Pagerank (which is a registered trademark of Google, Inc. and is called PR in short), if we want to simplify this technique, we can explain that it is used by Google to give a mark for each page, this mark ranges between 1 and 10 while class 10 is the best, and the higher this class is, the more your website will appear first in the search results.
In fact, the original technique gives a value of zero and even almost a million, while Google shows the ranking of 1 to 10 only.
This way of weighing websites algorithm was invented by Google founders, and the technical name is taken from the name of one of them, Larry Page.
The pagerank algorithm calculates a page’s importance depending on the number of external links to it, when an external link means a link from another different website (domain) that redirects a visitor to the page.
As shown in the image above, the site represented by the largest smiley face has the most inbound links to it, while it only has one outbound link to other websites.
In normal cases, the greater the number of external links to a page will increase the “Rank” of this page, but in fact, the technology is much more sophisticated and it depends on many other factors than the number of inbound links, from these factors you have: Alexa ranking, powerful content for a website, domain age and many others.

Pagerank benefit is shown by showing a website as a search result within the first page, and this makes pagerank to be a focus point for webmasters.

How do I increase the PageRank for my site?

To increase the pagerank a webmaster must submit the website to sites with high PageRank, for example, is your site pagerank is 3, you must try to submit your website to sites with pagerank of 7 or above.
Apparently, your website will not have the higher pagerank on the next day, as this assessment takes a period.

When is the next pagerank assessment for my website?

Google virtually, will make a pagerank re-distribution eventually, and they have a range in this period so that no one knows precisely when Google accurately re-evaluate the pagerank of websites.
Google already assessed pageranks in the beginning of September 2014, and expectations say that the next evaluation will be within three months.

How do I know what is my pagerank or other sites pagerank?

There are many ways to check on website pagerank, on of the most famous is the installation of web browsers Tool Bar extensions, which in turn shows the pagerank of each page you visit, as there are a lot of sites that offer result pagerank easily, the most famous site is  prchecker .

For more info, I advise to check on this technology page on Wikipedia.

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