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Retro Video Games from Atari Free

Posted in Uncategorized on Aug 29, 2014

retro video games from Atari
Retro video games, the Atari ROMs for free, as all geeks like me really miss the old days of 8-bit graphics and sounds, those were the golden ages of making something entertaining within the limits of can-be-counted-on-fingers bytes 🙂

I believe that most of us had at least one dream about Atari games.

You will first need to download an Emulator, which is a small software that emulate the platform of Atari on your computer.
For a good emulator that can be operated on all available operating system, I do recommend Stella, which is an open source project that can be easily downloaded free from: http://stella.sourceforge.net/downloads.php

After installing the emulator on your device, you need to get the ROMs, which are the files that use to be contained in the old cartridges, you can easily search and find the game you want on this website: http://coolrom.com/roms/atari2600/.

An annoying 15 seconds will put you apart from the download link, but still work for me.

After the download finishes you need to unzip the file, drag the result and drop it over the emulator, and have a nice playing time.


I hope you have nice memories 🙂

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