What I Do

Beside my professional experience in Arabic-English translation, I have a long history with creativity and media, started on 1998 and continued all over the following years to give me good experience in all fields of design.

I practiced Branding, Logo design, All kind of printed design, Adobe Flash design, Video Editing, Multimedia and Interactive designs, Web design, Web development, Facebook Apps and SEO.

Nowadays, I primarily design and build websites for both clients and web companies that use my outsourcing work. This has given me extensive web design and development knowledge, including skills in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and other languages. I am also interested and experienced in other aspects of media, both linear and interactive.

  • Design I always create compelling experience that allows you meet your goals quickly and easily. I design functional, beautiful, and intuitive graphic design that helps shape your organisation experience.

  • Plan your website I can help you discover how to target your clients needs and determine Your Website’s Structure; Site Map, Content Definition and Wireframes.

  • Responsive web design I can modify your website’s design & code to provide best browsing experience across desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

  • HTML/CSS coding Valid, semantic HTML5 markup, CSS3 and JavaScript ensures your site is functional, dynamic and manageable, able to be crawled by search engines and most importantly compatible with major browsers.

  • WordPress theme development WordPress is themed content management system. It separates the layout from the content so you can manage your own site content. I can develop/customise WordPress theme into fully functional website/blog that is totally managed by you.

  • E-newsletter design and coding I know what is needed to create effective, professional email newsletters to get your audience interested in what you’re doing and saying.

  • SEO & Web analytics I can help improve your website’s visibility across major search engines using Search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques as well as analyse and report your website’s traffic using Google Analytics to help improve your website.

  • Web hosting I can help you host your website on the web and take care of the technical side of the web hosting for you so you can fully focus on your core business; you shouldn’t worry about creating a database, an email or ftp account any more.

  • Website management & maintenance Because you are as most business owners already busy running your business I can help you publish news, articles, images or videos to your website; backup your files and database and keep your content management system up to date.

♥ All kinds of design including: Logos, Brochures, Flyers, Business Cards, Letterheads, Flash design and interactive media, User Interface, Web Design and others.

This post is also available in: Arabic