PDF What is it? Why to use? How to make?

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what is PDF

What is PDF?

These three letters are the abbreviation for “Portable Document Format”, which is a file format that combines all the elements involved in the creation of it such as fonts, images and graphical objects within a single file, and this file is always the same when you open it on any computer (device).
For example, suppose that we have a Microsoft Word file on one computer that uses a specific font, hence, if we tried to open it on other computer that doesn’t contain the font, it would look scrambled.
This thing does not happen in the case of PDF files because the file of this format combines all that is needed to open the same file in the same format on all computers.

PDF was developed by Adobe in 1993, and the company is the owner Adobe Acrobat program that deals with these files.
For this file formats and its good features, I would advise you check on this Wikipedia page to be more familiarised with it.

How to use and why?

The importance of PDF files rises when it is used for documents of companies and enterprises that have special designs, fonts and colours for their documents, in this way these premises get sure that their documents are the same on any computer.
These files are used in the deployment of corporate brochure, introductions, contracts or quotations.
For individuals this format is needed for e-books for example.

How do I make a PDF file?

The easiest way is installing one of the programs that give you a PDF printer.
For example, I can edit the file in Microsoft Word and then choose to print through the PDF printer, which will ask me to choose the file name and path to save.

Free examples of these programs:

It is also possible at any time to use converting sites or programs, such as convert files.

I hope you knew What is PDF now, enjoy!

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